Trademark application

1. Customized trademark filing strategies

Our firm selects the best strategy among the various trademark strategies, according to the customer’s needs. In order for the trademark or service mark to be registered, the same or similar trademarks for the same or similar type of business must not be registered by another.
In YoungBEE patent & law firm, , the professional patent attorneys directly review the possibility of trademark registration and suggest customized trademark portfolio strategy.

2. The strategy of revoking trademark in-use by another.

  • 1
    If the prior trademark is under examination, we provide information to the examiner containing why the trademark should not get registered.
  • 2
    If the prior trademark is at publication status before registration, we file an objection to prevent registration of the trademark.
  • 3
    If the prior trademark is already registered, it is best to revoke the trademark through filing an cancellation/ invalidation action.

3. The strategy of licencing or buying the prior trademark.

It is a strategy that chooses to negotiate instead of dispute. Especially if the holder of the prior trademark right is a foreign company and lost interest in Korean market, or if the foreign company is considering withdrawal from the market as the sales are less than the company had expected, then we can negotiate to buy the prior trademark from the owner or licensing the prior trademark.