Patent, utility model


Consultation and technical review

Through consultation, we grasp the contents of the invention in detail. Online consultation and telephone consultation are available, or you can visit us.



We write delegation agreement. We will request for accompanying documents such as power of attorney.


Prior art searching

We implement sketchy prior art searching if necessary.
If you need a wide and rigorous prior art searching including foreign literature other than Korean literature, please make a separate request.


Sending draft statement

We draft a patent specification and give them to clients. If necessary, we will make corrections to finalize the patent specification.


Writing patent application and making a report.

After completing the final version of patent specification, we file the application form and send you a report by email.


Process after filing the patent application

Upon the applicant’s request, priority examination can be applied.
If the examiner judges that the patent and utility model cannot be registered, he will send an office action, then the we will submit a statement of arguments and amendments to register patent.



After receiving the notice of allowance from Korean Intellectual Property Office, obtain a patent by paying the registration fee.