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Young BEE Intellectual Property

The first excellent part of Young BEE is maintaining

active patent attorneys

The criteria for selection of patent & law firm is checking the patent attorney.

Many patent & law firms claim to have practicing attorneys who handle all the client’s cases personally.

However, every year the individual patent attorney has less than 100 cases of patent registration after submitting new applications.

Please check how many patent attorneys your parter (Korean patent law&firm) has and how many cases are being processed by them in a year. You will find out whether your case is handled by the patent attorney whom you have entrusted your case to, or by a non qualified patent attorney, illegally.

On the other hand, all patent attorneys of Young BEE draft patent specifications directly and are putting their best efforts to reserve practical and stronger client rights for applicants than in any other patent corporations.

The second excellent part of Young BEE is

The patent registration cases that are actually helpful

There are numerous patent & law firms that claim to have many successful cases of patent registration.

Patent attorneys are required to have intellectualness for intellectual property right-related disputes as in patent processes, in order to provide the actual support for their clients rather than mechanically applying for patents or registering.

Entrust ‘Young BEE’, the patent & law firm that always win in the trial and appeal and litigations, with patent application.

The patent attorneys of Young BEE patent & law firm know how to succeed in the entire scope of domestic and foreign patent application, examination, registration, consultation of intellectual property rights, patent valuation, developing patent portfolios, etc.

The third excellent part of
Young BEE is that

it is the rising patent & law firm rapidly achieving good results

The Young BEE patent & law firm not only carries out the basic work of a patent office such as domestic patent application and registration processing or filing for patent applications and registration applications in various countries, but also has a perfect strategy for winning the infringement lawsuits and invalidation trials based on the domestic patent.
The abilities of our members are certified through the implementation of the government project starting with patent evaluation• patent map• patent trend analysis business and more, that were managed by Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (KISTA) and the total of 6 cases of government projects were carried out until now, in the second half of year 2019.

We provide practical advices to promising start-ups that desire to create new value through intellectual property rights, with excellent understanding of a broad range of technologies including new artificial intelligence algorithm, distributed database and computing, user interface and accelerator.
Moreover, we respond thoroughly to litigation and trial procedures. The assigned lawyer files accusations of offense of infringement against the customer of the applicable corporate body, withdraws patent infringement litigation and more, in responding to disputes.

‘Young BEE’ patent & law firm has a principle to double check not only the procedures but also the contents of the application documents.
Especially for claims which are the core of rights, the drafting person in charge and the examiner who inspects and supplements the drafts are also patent attorneys with more than 5 years of experience.
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