About us


Intellectual property rights are the future value of the company.
Acquiring good quality intellectual property rights is the competitiveness of the company's future.
We will make the future of intellectual property power through YoungBEE patent creation program.
YoungBEE Intellectual Property was established with the goal of "Let's become a helper to help start-ups and ventures equipped with technology grow into global companies."
In the 21st century, the continuous development of amazing technologies such as artificial intelligence is expected to intensify the gunless technology wars of companies around the world.
Accordingly, the Government of the Republic of Korea has also announced the Enforcement Decree of the 2018 Revision Patent Act, and designated technologies related to the seven technological sectors of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, big data, intelligent robots and cloud computing) as a target of accelerated examination. This action helps enterprises and individuals to acquiring the rights.
YoungBEE Intellectual Property consists of 30 patent attorneys with diverse experience and high technical understanding.
We are ready to fight for your technology on your side.
We look forward to contacting partners who will grow with YoungBEE.